, the Honest Truth About Cryptocurrencies is an online training and education resource for anyone interested in the rapidly expanding fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple, utility tokens, and other crypto products have exciting potential, regardless of the current speculative frenzy.

Outside of crypto trading, blockchain-related industries have generated billions in revenues for hardware manufacturers, software developers, entrepreneurs, financial corporations and others. And many of these industries will remain even if the bubble in cryptocurrency trading crashes.

Governments are moving to regulate cryptocurrency trading, which is providing more legitimacy to this young industry. Greater regulation also leads to more security and confidence for investors, from individuals to corporate and institutional buyers.

Personal investors, financial advisers, technology professionals and crypto curious individuals need accurate info and unbiased advice, and this is one place you can get it! The content of this website and video courses produced by CryptoOfCourse aim to provide objective information on the tools and technology you need to grow real cryptocurrency expertise.

Images of Peter Kent and published booksLearn from an Accomplished Teacher and Technology Insider was launched by Peter Kent in early 2018. Over the past 30 years, Peter has published more than 60 books on subjects related to technology, business and making money online. He began researching cryptocurrencies and talking to blockchain experts in mid-2017 as Bitcoin drove the explosive growth of hundreds of altcoins and the popularity of public trading exchanges. Peter released CryptoOfCourse’s first video course in 2018, Crypto Clear: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Made Simple.

Peter offers a geek-free perspective on the technical wizardry behind Bitcoin and other currencies, along with the practical skills to navigate exchanges, store money securely, and identify the real dangers associated with investing in bitcoin and tokens. Get the expertise you need to evaluate cryptocurrencies and related opportunities!